Thursday, May 1, 2008

Annie's Sweatshop ~ Eco-Friendly Dog Accessories

As a dog lover and obvious eco-enthusiast myself, I was thrilled to come across Annie's Sweatshop. I was even more thrilled when Annie herself agreed to 90210 Organics selling her eco-friendly dog accessories. All Annie's Sweatshop dog products are made from renewable or recycled/repurposed materials and are handmade with love. My favorite are the Natty Necktie collars and leashes. They are made out of actual neckties!

To find out more about Annie's Mission, please visit:

To find out more about the importance of eco-friendly pet supplies, please visit:

We hope that you will stop by the Eco-Pet section at 90210 Organics and pick up your very own eco-friendly dog collar and Natty Necktie collar, harness, leash, pet bed, or hound hoodie.

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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