Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Bear Shop

BabyBearShop™ makes the most yummy baby and mommy care products! With names like 'Cheeky Baby Butter™', 'Mama Belly Oil™' and 'All the Better to Kiss You With™' Lip Balms, who can resist! Even better is that they are all made with organic ingredients including essential oils and contain no parabens or any synthetic fragrances or colors. These products were created out of a need for pure, non-irritating products for BabyBearShop™ founder, Diana's allergy-prone child. Diana's business partner, Deanna also has children with allergies and sensitive skin so this company is truly a labor of love for the both of them for their children.

We hope you enjoy this line as much as we do. All BabyBearShop™ products are available at 90210 Organics

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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