Friday, July 24, 2009

Sunlight Blvd. & Natural Life 101

I want to introduce you to an awesome mom-friend of mine, Stephanie Pena. I met Stephanie at over 3 years ago. We both hung out on the natural mamas message boards and had our 2006 babies on the same day!

Stephanie is passionate about natural living and is a mom to three adorable boys. She has a great business that she started called Sunlight Blvd. On her website she has water purification systems, juicers, organic baby products, natural birthing supplies, Maggie's Soap Nuts, etc. It's an amazing store with really great products to help you along in your natural life.

Stephanie has taken natural living to the next level by creating the Natural Life 101 blog. Features include Green living tips, recipes, natural product giveaways, and info on natural health and wellness.

Be sure to check out both sites. They are a wealth of information.

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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