Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pin Up Cosmetics

I was recently introduced to a fabulous line of vegan cosmetics called Pin Up Cosmetics. They are a vintage-inspired line of natural products with a retro flair. This line of luscious, creamy lip glosses and shimmery mineral makeup will be sure to awaken the inner glamour girl in you!

Created in 2007 by makeup artist, music industry professional and San Francisco native Aprill Lacey, Pin Up Cosmetics is a breath of fresh air in the cosmetic industry.

Not only are these cosmetics beautiful, but they are good for you too! Pin Up Cosmetics is committed to bringing safe, natural cosmetics to you without nasty chemicals or additives like carmine, parabens or FD&C colors. Pin Up Cosmetics products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free.

Aprill was so kind as to send me some of her lovely cosmetics to try. My favorite product so far is the Hot Dish Vegan Plumping Lip Gloss. It is a clear gloss that goes on smooth and shiny. I either wear it over the Cupcake Natural Lip Balm (which I love as well) for extra shine, or all by itself. Hot Dish has a yummy peppermint flavor and scent which is very nice and refreshing. My children comment about how much they like the scent whenever I apply Hot Dish in the car. They say I smell like peppermint candy! Yum!

I also have Glamour Mineral face & Body Shimmer. It's a gorgeous, sparkly shimmer that is perfect day or night. I am really enjoying "glamming" it up with Pin Up Cosmetics.

We have Pin Up Cosmetics available for you at 90210 Organics. Here are just a few of the products from this fantastic line:

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Great! thank you!!!! Where can we order? Love it! I posted to my facebook page!

90210 Organics said...

Pin Up Cosmetics can be ordered from our website: www.90210organics.com. Thanks for reposting!