Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gaia Conceptions

Gaia Conceptions owner, founder, and designer, Andrea is committed to providing eco chic clothing that is both sustainable and stylish. Many of the styles offered are great for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. These styles are great for all women, no matter what their size is. They truly flatter a woman's figure. Andrea uses only natural fabrics such as Local Organic Cotton, Raw Silk, Wool, and Hemp. She dyes all the fabrics herself using low-impact fiber reactive dyes. Low-impact means that there is little to no effect on the environment from the dye bath.

Each garment is hand-sewn by Andrea on a made-to-order basis. You can even get your outfit custom sized!

I think you will agree that Gaia Conceptions designs are absolutely stunning!

What's even better is that we offer the entire line at 90210 Organics. If there is something of Gaia Conceptions that you have seen somewhere else and it is not posted in our store, please email us because you can still purchase it.

Andrea puts a lot of love into her designs and we know you will love this eco chic line as much as we do.

Happy Eco-shopping!

Badger Balm Natural Sun Care & Insect Repellent

I am a long-time fan of Badger Balm products. I love that they are made of chemical-free, safe ingredients like essential oils, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and minerals. Not only are Badger Balm products safe, they are also very effective. They have excellent ratings at the Cosmetic Database. It was only natural that since the summer is upon us that we stock Badger Sunscreen, Lip Balm and Insect Repellent.

Happy Eco-Shopping!

My Conservation Baby

The time for activism is now! Teaching our children to care about the Earth that God has given us to have dominion over is very important. What better way to show our children how to be good stewards than with the adorable baby and toddler onesies and tees designed by My Conservation Baby!

We've got all the eco-styles made from certified organic cotton at 90210 Organics.

Happy Eco-Shopping!

Introducing the Wagamama Baby - Baby Zabu Eco-Friendly Play Mat

On a very hot Saturday in May at the Whole Children - Whole Planet Expo, I met Samantha Namboothiri, owner of Wagamama Baby. I was drawn to her "booth" by the vibrant colors and the unique designs of the Play Mats I saw there. I immediately inquired if I could sell them at 90210 Organics and so the journey began to make the Wagamama Baby - Baby Zabu Eco-Friendly Play Mats available to you!

Introducing the new eco-friendly Zabu!

The Eco-Friendly Love Zabu is made with super soft bamboo/cotton blend with an adorable red heart applique.

Bottom is a silky and luxurious bamboo/cotton corduroy.

The Eco-Friendly Peace Zabu is made with super soft bamboo/cotton blend with an adorable peace sign applique. Bottom is a silky and luxurious bamboo/cotton corduroy.

Bottom is a silky and luxurious bamboo/cotton corduroy.
From tummy time, nap time to simple floor time, the Baby Zabu™ offers a fun new way for your baby to lounge and play!The Baby Zabu™, created by designer and founder Yuki Mese, is a modern twist to the Japanese floor cushion called "Zabuton".

Its uncomplicated practicality (an influence of Yuki's zen/Japanese heritage) and convenient design are a perfect companion for any stylish baby on the go.

The Baby Zabu™ cushion fits perfectly into any standard portable playpen to create an integrated bumper and mattress pad system.

Each Baby Zabu™ is proudly crafted in the u.s.a. and with safety always in mind to please the most discriminating moms and their Wagamama (means 'spoiled rotten' in Japanese) babies!

Generation after generation, Yuki’s family – and many other families throughout japan – placed their precious babies on Zabutons for naps and floor playtime.

product features:
rolls up to compact size for for easy portability.

provides softness & comfort on hard surface floors.
sides fold up and tie together to create a cozy soft-walled crib.fits into playpen to create an integrated mattress pad & bumperrolling up the baby Zabu

1. begin by kneeling atop the folded side panels.

2. use the ties to secure the side panels down in the middle. 3. roll the cushion tightly toward you like a yoga mat.

4. once totally rolled, shoulder strap loops slide on easily to each side and you're ready to go!

a word of caution

We love babies and want them to always be safe, so please read and follow the instructions below prior to using the baby Zabu:

•don’t place me on any surface where your baby may fall… just the floor will do.
• don’t leave me alone with your baby… i’m not a babysitter.
•don’t place me near anything too hot… like an open flame!
• store the carrying strap safely out of your baby’s reach… it is not a toy.
• make sure your baby always sleeps on his/her back… this will reduce the risks of SIDS.
•never leave your baby unattended!
Happy Eco-Shopping!