Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lilith's Apothecary

As you all know, I am a big natural medicine and herb advocate. My family hasn't used Western medicine for years. We haven't needed it! I have learned how to use herbs and homeopathy to care for my family's health. Herbs are a passion for me! I am fascinated with how they can help the body heal and prevent illness. There really is a natural remedy for whatever ails you!

I am a member of the Holistic Moms Network which is a group of natural minded moms who are there for each other in support of raising their families in a more natural way. In October, our speaker was Medical Anthropologist, soon-to-be Certified Herbalist, and owner of Lilith's Apothecary, Sarah Powell. When I found out that Sarah was to be our speaker, I got on her website and read her blog. I eagerly await each of her blog posts that are rich with tips and DIY recipes galore! I was already fascinated by her and her work and was so excited to be able to meet her in person! It was so encouraging to meet another mom who is so passionate about herbs!

Sarah spoke to us about Herbal Immunity and her presentation was wonderful and so informative. She let us breathe in the soothing, healing aromas of an herbal steam and taste immunity tea. I learned so much and was able to take the handouts home, make the recipes, order some herbs and herbal texts, and be on my way to furthering my love of herbs and herbal medicine.

As I briefly mentioned, Sarah is a Medical Anthropologist at Temple University in Philadelphia. This is her day job. She is also a wife and a mother of a little girl and by night, she makes herbal teas, herbal bath and body products, and herbal therapy items. You have to take a look at her amazing product line! They are just beautiful! She also writes for various natural health publication such as "The Herb Companion" and others.

Sarah said something that was quoted in a recent issue of City Paper that I think is so poignant and something that everyone needs to know. She said, "Western medicine is critical for acute care, but hopeless for chronic conditions and prevention." That article can be viewed in its entirety here.

Here are just a sampling of what is offered at Lilith's Apothecary:

Sarah Powell is truly an inspirational, empowered women who is blessing all of us with her passion, talent and knowledge of herbs. I hope that you will visit her shop, fan Lilith's Apothecary on Facebook, Follow her on Twitter and read her blog. You too will be inspired!

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