Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Clean Love - Making Love Sustainable

So often, we ignore using organic and sustainable products during our most intimate of moments. This may be due to just not being able to find quality personal products that are truly safe and natural. Good Clean Love has made it their mission to provide safe, sustainable love products that are made with organic, wild crafted, natural ingredients. From personal lubricants to love oils and candles, Good Clean Love brings "green" to the bedroom.

Good Clean Love is a women-owned business, founded by Wendy Strgar providing products and education to women and retailers everywhere about how important it is to use natural ingredients in personal products. They are also a signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. All of their products are manufactures in the USA.

Of all the products available in our store, I think my husband was the most happy when I got these.

My personal favorites are the Cinnamon Vanilla Lubricant, Indian Spice Candle and Love Oil, and the Rose Flower Perfume.

Try them for yourself and let us know which ones you and your spouse likes the most!

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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organicyogamom said...

I love these products - you should for sure add a feature note about these on the unique women list! Greta to know that you are carrying these now.