Saturday, October 25, 2008

Noli n Nali Organic & Natural Skin Care

Noli n Nali was founded in 2001 by mom-to-two boys, Kenda Willow Haines who had a desire to blend healthy, natural skin care with a healthy planet. She named the company after her son, Nolan and her niece, Annalicia. Creating exceptional and effective products using only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients is the goal of this innovative company. Noli n Nali donates products, time and profit to numerous environmental and children orientated non-profits to help give back.

Noli n Nali manufactures a full line of bath and body products for mom and baby. From Chamomile Willow Baby Shampoo to Bosom Blossom Nipple Salve, you can rest assured that you are using a safe and gentle product that is both good for you, for baby and for the environment.

Noli n Nali Organic & Natural Skin Care products are now available at 90210 Organics.

Happy Eco-Shopping!


Julie Booz said...

Very good article and to back up everything you are saying hear your readers should see the FOX News report that came out on October 1, 2008 that goes into great detail about the harsh chemicals in our personal care products.

Julie Booz

Fox News Report

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As a company run by mothers, we strive to produce products that are safe, effective and sustainable. It is unfortunate that there is a wealth of misinformation out there as to what “Organic” is. The chemistry of organic skin care is constantly evolving. New ingredients such as emulsifier, surfactants and preservatives become available all of the time. Unlike many company in the industry we have PH balanced Shampoo and Bubble bath formulas. Many organic companies have bubble baths and shampoos that have PH levels of 9.5-10.5 right under chlorine which is obviously not safe for babies, and is very drying. As an organic skin care company we are held to a much higher standard than the rest of the skin care industry, which is good! But consumers also have to realize this means reformulations and some people are not always happy about that, because they become attached to a product. Our shampoo has recently undergone reformulation and is now OASIS certified organic. When we originaly formulated our shampoo we used the ingredients that were standard in organic shampoo formulations. I still feel it is a great and safe product; I use it on my kids! The green personal care industry is a burgeoning marketplace and it is very exciting to be on the forefront. I will always do my best to educate myself and to have honorable business practices. I felt it was important to respond to your worrisome inquiry and to assure you of the quality and safety of our products. We pride ourselves on being transparent and are always willing to discuss our products, ingredients and to answer questions as to why we make the choices we do. Our products are manufactured at a facility that is USDA, OASIS and OTC certified. They have the highest standard in the manufacturing industry. We also use one of the top rated organic skin care chemists in the country. It is interesting you say that you spoke to a store that no longer carries our product because to date we have never lost a store and we consistently get feedback on what a clean label we have. I am curiouse about your side by side study because we do our own studies and have had outside audits of our products and our competitors to better inform us of whats going on in the industry.To answer your other questions. We do use a PO Box for our company, as many companies do. Hope this information helped you. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you might have.
Warm Regards,
Noli n Nali

90210 Organics said...

Thank you, Kenda for your reply. It is very important that consumers are educated about ingredients and do not believe everything that they hear through the grapevine. Understanding what exactly organic means when pertaining to personal care products will help conscious consumers to make good choices. I encouraged everyone to do their own research to really have a better understanding of product labels and ingredients.

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Whatever the product you choose it should be natural.