Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wholefood Farmacy

A New, Healthier You? It's Possible Courtesy of Wholefood Farmacy:

As most of you know, I am a Certified Biblical Health Coach and Natural Living Consultant. I am always on the lookout for whole foods to nourish myself and my clients. We are the most overfed and under-nourished country on the planet. Most of us live to eat instead of eat to live. Food isn’t fun anymore. It is something to be feared because it makes us fat. We think that anything healthy has to taste horrible and that we have to go on diets, depriving ourselves of foods we love in order to shed a few pounds. That is just not true. Eating healthy is fun! It’s exciting and it is about upgrading not depriving. Following the Standard America Diet or food Pyramid will not make you healthier. In fact, the United States is the sickest nation. Why? Because of the SAD diet. We eat too much processed foods, artificial sweeteners, diet soda(or soda in general), fast food, trans fats, fake food, low-fat milk and other low-fat products, margarine, substitutes for everything good and wholesome. It’s sickening…literally!

I could talk for hours on this subject but I wanted to share a simple way to jump-start your health, fitness, and well-being.

A few years back, my friend and raw food guru, Jennie Chester Moran( came to one of our Holistic Moms Network meetings to talk about the benefits of raw food. One of the products lines that she brought for us to sample was Wholefood Farmacy. I fell in love with the food right away and for the next year it was a staple in my diet. While I still recommended it to people, I didn’t use it much myself after that year do to cost and moving onto other things like juicing, etc. Anyway, fast forward to this year when I saw that they significantly lowered their prices and have some great 7 and 13 day options. I wanted to share it with all of those looking to lose weight, detox, jump-start their New Year, or just gain overall better health.

There is something for everyone here. Basically what this is is real, raw, whole foods. I recommend doing one of the 7 or 13 day plans to really reset your system, lose weight, and detoxify.

I’m doing the 13-day Liquithon starting on Feb. 1st. It’s a food-based detox that nourishes your body. They give you enough product that you can extend it to 18 or even 21 days if you feel like it. Here is the description:

"13 days of raw, liquid wholefood nourishment based upon meal offerings that were called “rational fastings” in ancient times. Wholefood Farmacy is leading the whole foods revolution by finding and resurrecting a treasure house of lost wisdom from antiquity. The Liquithon unifies, integrates, and harmonizes one’s physical, emotional, and mental dimensions resulting in a more fluid, peaceful, and greater sense of well being. Enjoy 7 meals a day over 13 days! Includes a one pound bag of each of our seven Farinas: AmpliPhi, BeautiPhi, ClariPhi, DetoxiPhi, ElectriPhi, FructiPhi, and GloriPhi."

You will lose weight with this program.

They also offer 7 other programs that you can choose from based on your individual needs. Some of us prefer chewing and crunching on foods rather than doing smoothies or juice-type things. They have programs that include whole foods that are delicious. These foods include mixtures of nuts, seeds, fruits, etc. They are so satisfying to your palate. You’ll be addicted!

So how does this work?

What you do is log on to or go to and look for Wholefood Farmacy. From there you create a wholesale buying account. This is FREE to do!!! Then you can order at the cheaper prices listed on the site. There are NO minimum or monthly order requirements for this. It is easy! You can even become an affiliate and get paid 7% commission on sales from your affiliate website.

Visit the website, browse through all the products and get started on the new and improved you with real foods and nutrition that makes you eat to live not live to eat.

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