Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ScooterBees Shoes - A Truly Eco-Friendly Shoe Now Available at 90210 Organics!

Recently, Jennifer and I were contacted by Sandy Eng, the creator and designer of ScooterBees Shoes. It was perfect timing because we were searching high and low for truly eco-friendly baby shoes. We were sold on Sandy's ingenious designs right away. We are thrilled to now offer the entire Scooterbees Shoe line.

What are ScooterBees, you ask?

ScooterBees is a patent-pending shoe design.

These shoes are easy to put on your baby because they completely open up
to easily fit little feet of different widths and thicknesses. Not only that... but they are eco-friendly, really!! What can be better than a cute baby shoe that protects the environment, you ask? :) We have the answer: A cute baby shoe that teaches shapes! Yes, ScooterBees shoes have inter-changing flaps (or pages) that are hand-painted with educational art such as the shapes shown on this shoe. Your babies will be learning and saving the environment while they are dressing... WOW, that's impressive!

At 90210 Organics we would never leave you with out the complete 411
on the eco-friendly materials used for this shoe, so here goes:

ScooterBees shoes are made of luxurious Sensuade Fabric. This fabric is a micro-suede produced without the use of harmful solvents and made with 100% post-consumer as well as post-industrial polyester. This fabric also resists wrinkles, fraying, shrinking, and spills! Ok, one more thing before we let you go...

ScooterBees shoes are lined with a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
Bamboo velour fabric that is oh so soft! Not only that but the soles of these shoes are made with TPE. Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is an anti-slip and water-resistant material.

But is it eco-friendly? Yes! TPE is made of carbon and hydrogen making it a degradable material. No harmful chemicals are used in it's production. It is free of PVCs, latex, chloride, dioxins, and pthalates!

Feel like you have to have this cute, educational, comfortable,
and good-for-the-earth shoe, right now?!

Don't worry....you're not the only one. :)

Here is how the shoe pages work:

So, if you are like us and just have to buy these shoes, check them out at 90210 Organics!

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

I love my scooterbaby shoes. they have better prints on them now too. i was not so much into the numbers and letters...but the plants and animals are the shiznizzz.