Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mixology Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has gained popularity in recent years because of the discovery of harmful chemicals in many commonly used cosmetics. Unfortunately, some leading mineral makeup companies still add chemicals to their makeup like bismuth, carmine and parabens that are not only unnecessary but may be harmful to your health.

Mixology was founded by makeup artist Rachael Ward to bring a pure, natural and chemical free mineral makeup line to the public. Since its inception, Mixology has received many accolades and has even been featured in Figure Magazine and been the recipient of some coveted cosmetics awards.

Not only is Mixology providing a safe cosmetic alternative, they are also giving back by donating $1 from EACH item sold to the Blood:Water Mission to sponsor the building of a crucial well which will bring clean water to a needy African Village. For more information about this mission to bring clean water to African villages, please visit:

Be the natural beauty you want to be and improve your skin with Mixology Mineral Makeup now available at 90210 Organics.

Here are just a few items from the mineral makeup line that we have at our store.

You will fall in love with this visually stunning mineral makeup and rave about its superior quality and feel. We are very excited about Mixology. Can you tell?

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

I just received my Mixology Mineral Makeup and I LOVE it! The colors are beautiful! My order was delivered so quickly. I also ordered a brush that came with 3 samples of mineral make-up. I highly recommend Mixology. I am looking forward to ordering additional colors and brushes!