Thursday, May 1, 2008

Xylem Clothing Company

We are very pleased to welcome our newest addition to the 90210 Organics family. Xylem Clothing Company found me on Myspace a couple of weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with their unique and stylish designs. I contacted them and asked if we could provide their organic clothing line to our customers. My inquiry was responded to immediately by the very polite and charming Donald Brodsky and he said "yes". I already have most of the items on my personal wish list and cannot wait to proudly wear Xylem myself!

Xylem Clothing Company's theme is "Nature Inspired Elegance" as stated by founders and seamstresses Danielle Nelson and Jazzi Januari. Every garment is made from sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, silk and soy. They hand color in small batches with low-impact dyes. Not only is Xylem clothing company environmentally responsible in the production of their clothing line, they also recycle and take care to reduce waste responsibly. We think that is very cool! These feminine, elegant clothes are something that you can feel good about wearing.

Here are just a few of the nature inspired Xylem designs offered at 90210 Organics:

Be sure to check out our website for the complete Xylem collection.

You will fall in love with clothes again!

Happy Eco-Shopping!

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